Rings of Growth

It’s the Wednesday nights around the kitchen table, breaking bread with roommates turned friends. It’s opening up about your past and finding freedom from it. It’s coffee dates and deep discussions. It’s the comfort of an environment where no question is stupid and no opinion is criticized. It’s the homework that makes you dig your nose into the word and come out with answers. It’s the afternoons sprawled across living room floors with friends who love you enough to help you map out your biggest dreams.


One month in Mijas and my whole world has been rocked. I am empowered beyond description. My confidence in who I am and what I am made to do is so deeply rooted in truth. My mind has been freed in so many ways; ways that allow me to dream big dreams and to actually believe they are a potential reality.

I am learning that it is ok to have questions…and it’s even better if you actually ask them. It’s ok to not know all of the right answers. But it’s also ok to know the answer…and it’s even better if you actually share it.

Love isn’t just a smile to a stranger or a short term mission trip. Love is an every day kind of thing. It takes work and commitment, patience and humility. The fruit of real, tangible, love is life changing. I’m learning that you can’t put love in a box…you can’t give it limits. It should change everything.

I wish I  could spell out all that I’ve learned here so far. Between intense classes ranging from topics on creativity to discerning the will of God, one on one coffee dates with staff members, and living in intentional community… I know I am becoming more of myself. My dreams are beginning to appear more attainable. My identity is over and over again solidified. My heart beats faster here. My mind moves a little bit more slowly here. I am at peace- true peace.

This is a season of peaceful growth.

So imagine this tree, maybe a redwood. This tree didn’t realize how big she was, how much shade she could provide to hikers and campers, how many homes she could accommodate for the birds of the sky, the creatures of the woods. She felt overpowered by all of the other trees of the forest. She didn’t realize how beautiful she was. But the more she began to realize it, the bigger she grew. Taller. Wider. Thicker branches. Deeper shades of green. It’s a rapid growth, but it’s a peaceful one.

And someday her life will serve a different purpose in a different place, as a different form. When the time comes  to cut her ties to the earth, something beautiful will be revealed. Within the rings of her trunk will stand one ring that is exponentially further away from the nearest prior ring.. the season of her life where she realized who she really was, who she was really meant to be, and how she decided to believe it.  A season of impact.

That’s where I’m at.

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