A Peek into the ‘Why’

I realize that my life is rather strange. I realize that even some of my closest friends and family members don’t understand what I’m doing here in Spain. I’ve received many questions on what I’m doing here, why I’m here, and what I hope to gain from my time here. So, beautiful people, if you have any of those questions for me you’ve come to the right place! Let me invite you in to my life here at G42 in Mijas, Spain!

I’ll begin with explaining how I even began to entertain the thought of moving to Spain for six months. Below is an excerpt from my previous blog while I was on The World Race. You can check it out in its entirety HERE.

“During our month eight debrief I called out to God. I told him that I wanted some things from him. I wanted a deeper understanding of his Spirit, a deeper knowledge of his Word, and spiritual mentorship. I also expressed to God my desire for direction. This year has been a process of further understanding my passions, gifts, strengths and how God wants me to use those things for his kingdom. But how do they all fit together? This question left me clueless. The next day I went to a Q&A meeting for two programs called Center for Global Action (CGA) and G42. I knew next to nothing about either program so I decided to go just to check it out. As the G42 representative spoke, my mouth may have hit the floor. His explanation of G42 was all too similar to my cry to God the night before to be mere coincidence. I struggled with this for a few days. Was God calling me to go to G42?

Now you’re probably wondering “What in the world is G42?” Let me try to explain. G42 is all about raising up the 42nd generation. But that’s too complicated to thoroughly explain on a blog post, so click here for more on that http://www.g42leadershipacademy.org/about/what-is-g42. This leadership academy focuses on four things: discipleship-growing in God, koinonea- authentic community, freedom- God’s creativity unleashed, and dominion- God with shoes on. For six months the interns are immersed in a community of sold-out-for-Jesus professors and mentors, roommates and friends. Together they study God’s word and allow space for God’s creativity to flow. Passions are ignited, freedom is unleashed, and God’s people are sent out to the nations to bring Heaven to Earth. G42’s vision statement is this,

“The 42nd generation is a network of Christ-followers with the mission to plant churches, businesses, & ministries to spread the Kingdom of God around the world—to inspire and develop leaders who are passionate about giving their lives to the Message of Christ.”

I am thrilled to announce that I will soon become a part of that community. I will be joining the 42nd generation this coming October. After spending some time with the Lord discussing it, God confirmed to me over and over again that this program was always what he had intended for me to do after the race. I am so grateful for a God that knows my heart and provides for me. He is just so. dang. good.

From karabryant.theworldrace.org

An unexpected bonus of this academy is the location. Sitting tucked away in the peace of the mountains and surrounded by over 100 different nationalities, Mijas, Spain is home to G42. I’ve never really had a desire to visit Spain, so to be honest this didn’t play a part in my decision making process whatsoever. In fact, staying stateside was more on my radar for at least the year or so following re-entry. But as always, God’s plans are bigger than mine. Now I will only be home for two months before packing up and leaving again.”

So, as you can see, coming here was just as much of a surprise to me as it was to my friends and family (although some of them weren’t surprised at all). But man- I just need to say that God speaks: sometimes you may not know exactly what he is asking of you or revealing to you, and other times it is crystal clear. Well, God was calling me to go to G42 and it was crystal clear. No matter how hard I fought it, I knew I needed to surrender.

After a crazy event took place in Swaziland, followed by some crazy dreams in South Africa, I understood a little bit more of why God had called me to G42. I understood a little bit more of how God’s heart and my heart overlap when it comes to children and injustice, and I knew G42 was a place that would only help me to grow my dreams and passions; to make them a reality.

And after three weeks of living here I can confidently say that this is exactly where I am supposed to be.

2 thoughts on “A Peek into the ‘Why’

  1. I am so proud of you…and humbled at the calling on your life.
    May you continue to grow in His Word and be crushed in His presence.
    Praying over you daily, daughter.


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